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Data volumes are growing rapidly, with conventional tools becoming quickly outdated. Alongside restructurings, new regulations and oversight requirements have led to heterogeneous system landscapes in some companies. This is especially true when it comes to financial services: particularly in direct comparison with other industries such as telecommunications, mechanical engineering or software development, we are observing higher potentials here for cost reduction and increased efficiency. Something which is easier for small, modern companies. But no matter the size of the company: things might be stable for the moment, but to keep up with tomorrow, well-executed digitalisation is vital. And that’s where we come in.

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Introducing and Optimising Salesforce Solutions

Tailored implementation and customisation of Salesforce products such as Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Pardot or Experience Cloud

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Customising Salesforce for ETF Providers and investment companies

Management of ETF and fund distribution to private and corporate clients, including management and pricing of investment products

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Closed-Loop Marketing (CLM) and Multi-Channel Marketing (MCM)

Connecting up marketing automation systems: Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Pardot, etc. & Setup of double-opt-in validation processes for legally compliant communications

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Geocoding and Mapping Salesforce Data

Integrating Google Maps for best-possible visualisation, management and route planning for investment objects, leads and contacts

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Lead Engine

  • Implementation and customisation of Salesforce products such as Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Pardot and Experience Cloud
  • Interlocking marketing and sales work via the Sales and Marketing Cloud or via Pardot
  • Developing a product-related lead-scoring system, providing custom support for especially “hot” leads
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Community Management

Setup and implementation of the Salesforce Experience Cloud & Integration of websites for the building of customer or partner communities

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Integration via various platforms, including REST and SOAP API integration

  • Cloud-to-Cloud: Veeva, Salesforce
  • Ground-to-Cloud architectures
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Development of custom apps

Based on the Salesforce Force.com platform


Europe's leading asset manager

The Task

The management of investment properties is to be developed on the Salesforce platform as part of a digitalisation initiative. Due to the special requirements of the real estate business, displaying existing and investment properties on a Google map is the best way to facilitate decision-making. Existing Salesforce data is to be geocoded and displayed on a Google map. In addition, over 50 use cases are to be implemented in the map app. 

The Solution

Development of a geocoding app that contains special functions for asset management in the real estate sector. The relevant Salesforce data is displayed directly in Salesforce on Google Maps. We geocode the address data via the Google Geocoding API to achieve a higher accuracy compared to the Salesforce geocoding method. This is followed by creation of Salesforce data from the Google map, e.g. search results based on a Google Maps search and the mapping of various use cases via Google Maps and Salesforce platform features. A complete digitalisation of the acquisition and management process was achieved.


→ Salesforce Sales Cloud
→ Google Maps API

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