Actions speak louder than words
Make a contribution as a company.

In our work, we value mutual respect, equal treatment, equal pay, vocational training and genuine social responsibility. That is why, both nationally and internationally, through our own projects and by cooperating with various non-profit organisations, we are committed to contributing to the common good, one step at a time.

Together with our non-profit partners, we help refugees find jobs, integrate into their companies and give themselves and their families an opportunity to live new, more peaceful lives. We offer socially disadvantaged children and families the opportunity to achieve their potential and get the help they need. And we help people from poorer countries earn a more secure living and prevent disease. Because everyone deserves a chance. 


We help locally by giving refugees new perspectives through in-house training at our company. We also promote cultural activities for disadvantaged people and help them to enter the labor market.

Jobs4Refugees Kriegkstr12


We promote regional initiatives that encourage people to live together more peacefully. We support the examination of the crimes of National Socialism and stand up against all forms of political extremism. We support socially disadvantaged children and families, providing educational opportunities by teaching early reading skills.

 Gegen Vergessen - Demokratie e.V. Die Arche Stiftung Lesen SOS-Kinderdorf e.V.


We promote initiatives that are cleaning up our oceans worldwide and support small businesses with microcredits. We work together with CBM to help people with disabilities receive equal opportunities and achieve a better quality of life. We support SOS Children’s Villages which works to ensure children receive the quality care and secure homes they need. With the WWF, we are working to actively protect our natural environment and, with the help of a student-led initiative, to plant 1,000 billion trees.

The Ocean Cleanup Doctors Without Borders kiva Christoffel-Blindenmission WWF Plant for the Planet

Help together. Creating opportunities together

So what exactly does “actions speak louder than words” mean for these projects? We donate roughly 10% of our annual surplus from the previous year, evenly distributing the amount on a monthly basis among the charitable projects we support. In this way, each organisation can use this money for its individual challenges as they work to fulfil their mission, month after month, year after year.

Better prospects for refugees -

Refugees need help finding jobs and jobs4refugees has made this its mission. The organisation establishes contacts between employers and refugees as well as helping to break down cultural and formal barriers to employment. Refugees are actively supported through workshops and job application training. jobs4refugees motivates employees, helping them prepare for job interviews and write their CVs. They also place refugees in suitable jobs to enable them to lead a normal life in Germany.

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Community support -

Active for the past year and a half, Kriegkstr12 works to understand what it means to live as a community and also shapes what that coexistence looks like. The voluntary association works together with the youth wing of AWO Frankfurt on various projects aimed at overcoming social division and promoting forms of social cooperation from which everyone can benefit. The projects include jam sessions, film evenings and excursions. Other projects include a catering service and clothing donations for the homeless. The special thing about this voluntary organisation is that they welcome each and every project idea and then work together to put those ideas into practice, as a team.

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Promoting democracy - Gegen Vergessen - Für Demokratie e.V.

Since 1993, Gegen Vergessen - Für Demokratie e.V. (Against Forgetting - For Democracy) has combined its work promoting historical remembrance with a concrete commitment to democracy. The association deals with National Socialist crimes and various forms of political extremism, offers help to those seeking advice in dealing with right-wing extremism and supports educators in historical-political education. The association wants to show that contributing to society is worthwhile and takes part in debates about cultivating a common European identity and a culture of remembrance.

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Making a difference together - Doctors Without Borders

Since 1971, the humanitarian medical organisation Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) has been working to provide efficient, high-quality health care in countries where the survival of people young and old is at risk. The organisation engages in various activities from providing basic medicine or surgical aid to conducting vaccination campaigns, running feeding centres for malnourished people to offering psychological assistance, and much more.

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Supporting children and families for life - die Arche

Die Arche (the Ark) has been committed to serving children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds for many years, providing education and opportunities, and nurturing talent. Through a wide range of activities, die Arche provides children and their families with structure and security, teaches parenting skills, offers self-esteem and integration training, and promotes healthy lifestyles. In addition, the children are encouraged and challenged through homework supervision and various educational programs to awaken their potential and give them the support they need for life. Additionally, to help children develop resilience and self-confidence, die Arche organises a wide variety of recreational activities and vacation camps.

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Equal opportunities for future job-security - Stiftung Lesen

All children and young people should have the same opportunities when it comes to their professional futures and personal development. Comprehensive reading skills are an essential prerequisite for personal and social development and for success in professional life. For this reason, Stiftung Lesen is committed to making reading, and above all the joy of reading, part of every child and young person’s life. To this end, the foundation runs programmes promoting reading, along with campaigns and research projects throughout Germany. Reading skills are important not only for each individual, but for society as a whole. Through its programmes, the foundation aims to reach not only children, but also parents, educators, teachers and other important figures for promoting literacy.

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Environmental protection worldwide - The Ocean Cleanup 

The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit organisation dedicated to cleaning up the world’s oceans. With the help of their own purpose-built waste collection system, The Ocean Cleanup aims to rid the North Pacific Gyre, and then the entire ocean, of plastic waste, giving marine mammals a safe home again. The large-scale project will use an “ocean vacuum cleaner” to suck up half of the accumulated plastic waste in the Pacific within five years, without nets and at high speeds so as not to endanger marine animals. The material will then be sorted and recycled on land so it can be re-used to manufacture new products.

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Achieving great things with microcredit - kiva

The non-profit organisation kiva enables people from all over the world to support small businesses in developing countries through microloans, helping to lift them and their families out of poverty and achieve independence. Through microloans, anyone can use their money to do good for others. Once they have been repaid, microloans can be paid out again or given to other projects. Transparent loans not only give help to people in need but also mean that donors will always know where their money goes and how it is being used. The system enables people to make connections with one another and form a worldwide network.

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Opening the eyes of others - Christoffel-Blindenmission

No person should suffer from their disability if there is a chance to prevent it. The Christoffel-Blindenmission Christian Blind Mission (CBM) is an international development organisation that works to help people with disabilities. In projects all over the world, the organisation strives to bring about lasting positive change in the lives of people with disabilities, and for those suffering from eye diseases in developing countries. CBM aims to break the cycle of poverty and disability in poorer countries, to create a better quality of life and ensure equal opportunities for people with disabilities.

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Giving children a future - SOS-Kinderdorf

SOS-Kinderdorf e.V. is one of the largest of the non-profit organisations working under the global umbrella of SOS Children’s Villages International. Its mission is to provide children with safe homes and hopeful futures. The non-profit organisation helps to provide a family environment for children whose parents are unable to care for them. In addition, SOS-Kinderdorf e.V. offers children, young people and families in difficult circumstances the opportunity to lead self-determined lives through care, advice and support. By establishing training and employment centres for socially disadvantaged young people and people with disabilities they work to lay the foundations for a more hopeful future.

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Commitment to conservation - WWF

The conservation of our natural world concerns us all. For this reason, WWF (The World Wildlife Fund) has been working for more than 50 years in over 100 countries around the world to protect nature and biodiversity on our planet. The organisation aims to stop the worldwide destruction of nature and the environment and bring about a future in which humans and the natural world can co-exist in harmony. WWF aims to ensure that the next generation can continue to experience, discover and enjoy the earth’s diversity. Having successfully implemented more than 13,000 projects since its foundation, WWF has
demonstrated that protecting nature is not only necessary, but achievable.

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1,000 billion trees - Plant for the planet

The student initiative Plant for the Planet was founded in 2007 by 9-year-old Felix Finkbeiner and quickly grew into a global movement with the goal of planting trees around the world to combat global warming. Achieving goals together and securing our future: Plant for the Planet, an initiative by children for children, is driven by children from all around the world aiming to plant 1,000 billion trees worldwide. Capable of absorbing a quarter of the annual CO2 emissions from human activity, these trees can help to mitigate climate change.

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