Success Story

Introduction and global implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud

The client originally used its ERP systems in combination with non-connected tools such as Outlook, Excel and Word. This led to a high manual workload in the sales and service areas of the business, and impaired the workflow.

The interaction between the ERP system, Salesforce and other interfaces successfully configured by our team gave our client’s sales and service teams a 360° overview of all customer transactions and data. This sustainably synchronised and improved collaboration.

HAWE Hydraulik is a medium-sized, internationally active family company with its headquarters in Munich. Subsidiaries in Europe, North and South America and Asia form a worldwide sales, service and engineering network.  As a leader in technology, HAWE Hydraulik supplies mechatronic controls and electro-hydraulic drives that efficiently and reliably move the world of machines and systems in over 70 industries. Headquartered in Aschheim Munich, around 2,500 employees are employed by HAWE Hydraulik worldwide.


Aschheim, Germany


> 2.500




Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Interface toSAP & BC365

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With Cloud Consulting Group, we have a strong Salesforce partner at our side. Experts at handling both project work and  daily issues, they delivered work to our complete satisfaction in a competent, results-oriented manner and, above all, with a stable team structure.

Success Story at a glance


  • The sales and service teams at 6 of the then 16 German regional subsidiaries were working with an unlinked CRM system
  • The remaining teams were working with Excel, Outlook and Word; possibility of errors and delays due to additional manual work and outdated data
  • No unified sales pipeline process due to lack of a common platform
  • Insufficient communication between the ERP systems and other tools
  • Analyses and reports had to be created manually in third-party systems, which was very time-consuming
  • Data and documents sometimes organised inconsistently, not intuitively accessible for everyone and not kept up-to-date


  • Digitalisation of sales and service processes in Salesforce
  • Simplification and standardisation of the sales pipeline process across all sales companies
  • Implementation of an interface to ERP systems (e.g., SAP and BC365) so that data across all systems is kept up-to-date
  • Integration of the HAWE website with Salesforce via Web-to-Lead for automatic lead generation
  • Establishment of a global sales reporting system in Salesforce
  • International rollout across 20 country locations within 24 months, including functionality in multiple languages, authorisation concepts and connections to local ERP systems
  • Document storage within Salesforce via an interface to SharePoint, so that even users without a Salesforce licence can access documents


  • Successful connection and synchronisation of various systems, such as Navision, SAP, Sharepoint, as well as HAWE's own TypeMan system
  • Smooth exchange of information between systems and all relevant data up-to-date
  • Time and cost savings through digitalised work processes and automated workflows, allowing more time for individual support and processing of customer enquiries
  • Reduction of error susceptibility through targeted plausibility checks and elimination of data redundancy
  • 360° customer overview for sales and service staff through the combination of ERP, Salesforce and other interfaces
  • Ability to quickly and easily implement global system extensions for sales, marketing and service

Initial situation
Manual marketing and sales activities and inconsistent data synchronisation

The customer used its ERP systems in combination with non-connected tools such as Outlook, Excel and Word. This led to a high manual workload in sales and service, greater potential for errors and occasional data inconsistencies.

The cooperation within the company — especially between international locations — was not optimal, as some work processes were not uniform and not coordinated with each other. There was also no single, comprehensive sales pipeline that sales teams could access. 

Customer enquiries were entered and processed manually, which sometimes led to long response times. Due to the lack of linkage between systems and data, analyses had to be prepared in a time-consuming manner using third-party systems.

Time- and cost-intensive work processes in sales and service

Increased potential for data inconsistencies and errors

Fragmented system and data landscape

Implementation of Sales Cloud and Service Cloud and interface management

After evaluating the customer's requirements, our team implemented the Sales Cloud and the Service Cloud. In total, the greenfield conception of Salesforce took about 6 months. The integration of additional country locations, including data migration, could now be carried out in further stages.

Interfaces for communication with the ERP system (e.g., SAP & BC365) were created to keep the data up-to-date and minimise manual work. The data can easily be used for reports and mapping of key figures.

Enquiries received via email or the website are automatically recorded and can thus be processed more quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore, documents are organised and accessed via SharePoint and are therefore globally available for all employees, even those without Salesforce access.


Increased efficiency, synchronised work, increased data quality

The successful connection of different systems ensured that they now communicate smoothly with each other and that all data is always up-to-date. By reducing manual workflow steps, the digitalisation work enabled a more individual and effective processing of customer enquiries.

Targeted plausibility checks on data that previously had to be maintained manually have reduced the likelihood of errors. Thanks to the introduction of Salesforce, additional tools became superfluous and all information is now centrally available to everyone. 

The successful combination of ERP systems, Salesforce and other interfaces gave sales and service teams a 360° overview of all customer transactions and data. As part of the implementation, HAWE employees were trained for Salesforce admin activities. This strengthened the close cooperation between the client and Cloud Consulting Group and led to a smooth deployment.

More efficient and faster work through automation and interfaces

Increased data quality and reduced error rate

Synchronised cooperation between the sales and service teams

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