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Our many years of experience in Salesforce projects and the development of individual applications has shown us that our customers often have the same questions and requirements. Here you can find user-friendly apps that will further improve your Salesforce environment.

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TimeTracking App
Digital time management in Salesforce

The cloud-based solution for digital working time recording in Salesforce. For a minimal administrative workload.

Salesforce Time Tracker

Salesforce Double Opt-In Process
Automated and GDPR-compliant

A streamlined solution that lets you effortlessly set up GDPR-compliant subscription management in your Salesforce environment.

Salesforce Double Opt-In

Selection Hub
The intelligent selection tool for Salesforce

With our Selection Hub, you can now combine and select all your data by self-selected categories and use it for more relevant and effective marketing.

Salesforce Selection Hub

Salesforce Commission Calculation
Standardised and in real time

Automated commission calculations in real time and without detours through various departments: eliminate tedious manual tasks with our app for Salesforce. 

Salesforce Commission Calculation

Salesforce DeepL Integration
Automated translations and language checking

Automated translations and language checks in Salesforce for efficient customer service.

Salesforce DeepL

Salesforce Jira Integration
Efficient digital collaboration

With our Salesforce Jira integration, you will efficiently control Jira operations from Salesforce in the future, saving valuable time.

Salesforce Jira

Salesforce Survey App
Automate surveys in Salesforce

With our solution, you create individual entries and automate the process to a high degree around surveys.

Salesforce Survey App

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