Success Story
Real estate industry

Digitalisation relaunch in the real estate industry

The successful introduction of the Sales Cloud as a digital corporate platform represented a fundamental milestone in Patrizia's digitalisation strategy. Building further on this success, numerous other central business processes were implemented on the Salesforce platform.

PATRIZIA AG manages a real estate portfolio worth more than 47 billion euros across four continents. Its business activities include the purchase, value optimisation and sale of real estate as well as the management of real estate and funds for institutional and private investors.


Head office in Augsburg, Germany. Offices worldwide.


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Real estate


Sales Cloud, TimeTracking App (CCG), Inventory App (CCG), custom app development

Go Live

February 2019

With the ‘One Planet’ project, we have taken an important step in the digitalisation of PATRIZIA. We were able to optimise transparency in our customer and relationship networks on the Salesforce platform, standardise essential processes and focus even more on our customers. Cloud Consulting Group has delivered a great project to fit the needs of our complex world. Our journey together will certainly continue because we still have a lot to do!

Success Story at a glance


  • Complex business relationships between individuals and legal entities at various levels
  • Existing, limited Salesforce environment > "repair or rebuild" decision
  • Numerous departments with interest in Salesforce but all with very different requirements for the environment
  • Fragmented and cross-system business processes
  • No middleware available


  • Custom interface with Lightning Web Components and various custom objects
  • Middleware as central hub for cross-system integration of business processes
  • Single org strategy
  • One app per feature set within the same Salesforce environment
  • Leading system for each business process clearly defined


  • Successful migration of various legacy systems into a modern business relationship management (BRM) environment in Salesforce
  • Cross-location data harmonisation and collaboration between departments
  • Diverse business processes integrated on one platform replacing a multitude of isolated applications
  • Salesforce as the common denominator in a comprehensive tool landscape

Initial situation & challenges

PATRIZIA AG is a dynamic company with a complex and fragmented tool landscape. Due to the acquisition of various companies and parts of companies, there were many teams working with similar business processes but using different tools. Patrizia's objective was to establish Salesforce as the fundamental part of their company-wide digitalisation strategy: the "One Planet" project. In the course of the project, they aimed to integrate diverse business processes on one platform.

Establish Salesforce as a fundamental part of the digitalisation strategy

Replace the existing sales solution and other legacy systems

Integrate further business areas


Agile implementation and integration of business units and processes   

Thanks to a comprehensive iterative analysis of more than 100 business processes in more than 20 company divisions working with more than 100 contact persons, we developed well thought-out solutions, all in close cooperation with and thanks to the committed participation of competent persons on the client side. 

The entire project communication plan was mapped with an agile project management approach in JIRA and Confluence in combination with Smartsheet. This approach is still used today for further development and is continuously refined (with ongoing support from CCG).

The following business processes were integrated:

  • Fund Distribution (national/international)
  • Client services processes
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Investor relations
  • ECJ-compliant digital working time recording (TimeTracking App)
  • Group-wide risk management
  • Asset management in IT
  • Cost allocation
  • Marketing
  • Project budget planning
  • Real estate transactions
  • Further plans to integrate more processes


Maximum transparency, data-led action and efficient teamwork

Through the successful migration of various legacy systems into a modern Salesforce environment, numerous business processes and relationship networks (across many different levels of the business) were unified and harmonised. Other important systems (including various SAP systems) were also effectively integrated. This resulted in a significant increase in the efficiency of sales and administration as well as an increase in data quality across 20 different user groups.

Salesforce as the common denominator in a comprehensive tool landscape

Enormous increase in efficiency in sales and administration

Successful integration of diverse business areas and systems

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