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In the age of digitalisation, an expense report must be simple

Anyone who has spent time away from the office, on the road in different locations, will be familiar with the challenges of doing their expenses. The burden of gathering physical and digital receipts, entering destinations into a spreadsheet, ensuring one is keeping to the meals allowance for the country in question and, last but not least, preparing an expenses claim and handing it over to the back office. Of course, for tax purposes, it is crucial that no important elements are missing. It can be a nasty surprise to find that you have misplaced a receipt.

The problems with expense reporting: high administrative effort, misplaced documents and error-prone tools.

Creating and preparing an expense report can be a time-consuming task. Often, employees use a combination of self-formatted tools such as Excel or Google Sheets, which require time-consuming manual maintenance. Not only is this system inefficient, it can also lead to errors. You must check yourself whether all relevant fields have been selected or whether the applied formula hasn’t been damaged during the import or export of your expense report. Finally, the expenses have to be checked and approved by another department before the process is complete.

In the age of digitalisation, surely there is an easier way.

Our solution: expense reports in Salesforce
With our Expenses App, companies can minimise their administrative effort significantly, and they can do so completely digitally.

Create expense reports quickly, even on the go. Once the report has been made, it can be submitted with a simple click.

Our app takes care of finding daily allowance rates (per diems) for business trips at home and abroad and factors in the duration of each trip.

Take a picture of your receipts and easily assign them to the appropriate expenses.

With just one click, the system will generate a PDF with your monthly expenses. This can be submitted directly for approval in Salesforce.

Feature 01

Direct access to the app

Include the Expenses app on your Salesforce home page as a component to create expense reports even faster. You can also choose to display the list view of your expense reports on your home page.

Feature 02

Google mileage calculator

Simply enter your point of origin and the address of your destination into your expense report and the app will automatically calculate the mileage for you.

Feature 03

Reference to Salesforce records

If project-related expenses are incurred, they can be easily assigned to Salesforce records. This gives you an even better overview and allows you to calculate further costs if necessary.

Feature 04

All expenses in one document

The expense report, motor vehicle report and charges forward report have been combined so that only one report needs to be generated each month.

Why you should use the Expenses App

With our Expenses App, you get an efficient and easy-to-use solution within Salesforce.

High automation

The app automatically calculates daily allowance rates (per diems) for business trips at home and abroad as well as the duration of the relevant trip.

Simple exporting

Forget Google or Excel sheets. With just one click, the system generates a PDF with all your monthly expenses.

Digital document management

Take a picture with your phone or your tablet and conveniently assign a receipt to the appropriate expense in the app.

Save time with the mobile app

Quickly create expense reports, even on the go! Send your report to your back office with a simple click, where it will then be forwarded for approval just as simply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use the Expenses App to digitally file and submit receipts and billing will then be completely paperless.

The Expenses App has an integrated approval process. This can be set up according to the customer's wishes.

In principle, all types of expenses can be submitted through the app. The standard system includes accommodation costs, travel costs, entertainment costs, flat-rate expense allowances, gifts, personal receipts, charges forward and vehicle costs.

Minimum requirements for the installation of our expense app in Salesforce

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Google API Key

Required to view your data in Salesforce via Google Maps.

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Salesforce license

Salesforce Enterprise, Salesforce Unlimited

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