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with Salesforce Jira Integration

Well-coordinated teamwork is essential for the successful implementation of your projects. With our Salesforce Jira integration, you will be able to control Jira processes efficiently from Salesforce, and save valuable time!

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What are the benefits of Salesforce Jira Integration?

Those who work in teams have to be especially precise when it comes to data maintenance. Salesforce and Jira offer a good solution here. Data maintenance is key to the success of teams that work for the same customers and who must rely on correct and up-to-date information about them. Today, it can be automatised.

When two become one. How teams collaborate more efficiently, digitally.

Jira tends to be used by different teams within a company for collaborative work that requires fluid transitions.

In the Salesforce CRM system, for example, especially in case management, customer data can be linked to customer inquiries. But employees in companies that use Jira and Salesforce often have to switch back and forth between two systems multiple times in order to communicate effectively with other teams, external employees, and the customer.

With Salesforce Jira integration, you can simplify your employees' workflows by connecting Salesforce and Jira. It is no longer necessary to enter transactions in both programs. Everything is automatically captured and updated in Jira through Salesforce, and your team will always be up to date.

Our solution: Salesforce Jira Integration

Complete overview in Salesforce
Salesforce Jira Integration ensures that all the necessary information from both systems can be found in one place. This means you have a complete overview of all processes in Salesforce at all times.

No more changing: create Jira tasks in Salesforce
As you can now create Jira tasks in Salesforce at any time, there's no need to jump back and forth between the two applications. The process is automatically synchronised in Jira and updated whenever you make changes.

Link Jira operations: receive automatic ticket updates
Just like in Jira, you can link operations to other Jira tasks when creating tickets in Salesforce. Moreover, you can view the status of actions associated with each ticket at any time. And because tickets are updated automatically, your team will always be up to date.

Why you should choose Salesforce Jira Integration

How Salesforce Jira integration can make your teams more efficient

A complete overview

Your teams have access to all information, updated in real time, all in one system.

Optimised cooperation

Integration makes it easier for different teams to collaborate across Salesforce and Jira.

Save time and reduce maintenance efforts

Automatically synchronise all operations between Jira and Salesforce.

Minimum Requirements for Installing Salesforce Jira Integration in Salesforce

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Salesforce licence

Salesforce Enterprise, Salesforce Unlimited

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