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Rising prices, growing demand, a faster market. In order to survive and grow in the real estate market, you have to keep up with the times and use smarter tools, to help you keep ahead of competitors who find it difficult to digitalise their marketing, sales and service. Many of our clients have told us that it is now unthinkable for them to work without a central digital system. Whether team members are working from home or in the field, teams are increasingly working remotely from all over the place.

The situation is similar in real estate investment: prime locations still fetch top prices, but formerly less prominent locations are now being given a new lease of life through renovation and maintenance. (As a result, the demands on process support for investment and fund managers, fund administration, financing, management and maintenance, as well as for the marketing team, are increasing".).

We specialise in the intelligent digitalisation of core processes, with successful implementations across a wide range of projects. We advise on, plan and implement full digitalisation solutions. 

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Implementation and optimisation of Salesforce solutions

Customised implementation and adaptation of Salesforce products such as Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Pardot and Experience Cloud

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Customising Salesforce for Industry and Manufacturing Clients

  • Control of acquisition, sale and maintenance of private and commercial real estate
  • Identify who holds which shares in which funds
  • Management of and communication with shareholders
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Mapping complex role dependencies in the market network

  • Identify who advises whom and who performs which role Identify the legal investor for large institutions
  • Identify sources of finance and other involved parties
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Mapping of real estate assets

  • Identify which properties are being purchased
  • Identify which properties are being sold
  • Identify which realisation strategies are being implemented on which properties
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Closed-loop marketing (CLM) and multi-channel marketing (MCM)

  • Integration of marketing automation: e.g., Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot
  • Setup of double opt-in validation procedures for rule-compliant communication
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Geocoding and mapping of Salesforce data

Integration of Google Maps for optimal display and management of investment objects, leads and contacts, as well as route planning

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Community Management

  • Design and implementation of the Salesforce Experience Cloud
  • Integration of websites to build customer or partner communities
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  • Integrations via various integration platforms, as well as REST or SOAP API
  • Integrations to existing systems such as SAP and fund systems
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Development of customised apps

built on the Salesforce platform

Example: tourManager24 (personalised route planning with Salesforce data)

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