Salesforce Double Opt-In
Automated and GDPR-compliant

A streamlined solution that lets you effortlessly set up GDPR-compliant subscription management in your Salesforce environment.

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What is a double opt-in process?

In order to be able to communicate with a lead or existing customer while ensuring you are legally complying with GDPR, a double opt-in, or "confirmed consent”, must be obtained. If you would like to send out a newsletter, for example, recipients must click on "Subscribe to newsletter" (opt-in) and also activate the confirmation link in the email sent to them. Only after receiving this twofold consent (double opt-in), is it legal to contact a company or customer.

The challenge

In addition to double opt-in, it is also mandatory to give a newsletter subscriber the option to unsubscribe at any time. However, the option to automate these processes is currently missing from Salesforce.

In some countries, including Germany, automated marketing emails (for example, newsletters) may only be sent out after the subscriber has explicitly given their consent once again. As a rule, they must confirm their email address via a button or link specifically for this. Salesforce-only implementations often use Salesforce Web forms (Web-to-Lead, Web-to-Case) to subscribe to newsletters.

However, because these forms primarily serve a purpose other than newsletter sign-up, Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud do not provide a standardised way to manage subscriptions that is compliant with EU law. There are no automations for the double opt-in process, nor for cases where a subscriber wants to unsubscribe. 

Our solution

Based on our experience with marketing automation tools, we have developed a lean solution for an integrated email subscription centre in Salesforce. 

Our double opt-in solution automates the management of subscriptions of leads and contacts by sending confirmation emails and providing Visualforce pages (both for confirming the subscription and unsubscribing from the newsletter).

The solution can be implemented with little effort and adapted to the requirements of different subscribers, with flexible layout and wording options.

Optimise the double opt-in process

Main features and functions of the solution

New Leads are created via a Web-to-Lead form.

This is where our double opt-in comes in as a lean solution for a native Salesforce subscription centre.

An email is automatically sent through Salesforce with a link to a Visualforce page where the Lead can confirm their email address.

A double opt-in flag appears beside the Lead and a record of their activity is created.

Resubscribe function

For all other newsletter activities controlled from Salesforce, an "Unsubscribe" link can be included in the email that allows the recipient to unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time. If the subscriber choose to unsubscribe, they will receive a final confirmation email, containing a link to "Resubscribe". Our solution never misses when a Lead has been converted. The contact's data is automatically updated.

Adapt all layouts to your current CI

After installing the solution in your sandbox or live Salesforce environment, Visualforce pages and email templates (layout and wording) are customised according to your specifications.

Step 1

A Lead subscribes to your newsletter via a Web-to-Lead form.

Step 2

Salesforce automatically sends an email that includes a link to a Visualforce page where the recipient can confirm their email address.

Step 3

The opt-in status for each lead is documented in Salesforce in real time.

Why you should opt for our DOI solution

Our DOI-App is the most streamlined and GDPR-compliant solution for your Salesforce environment.


Compliant with local and GDPR regulations

Ensure you are legally compliant when communicating with customers and prospects.

Easily configurable

The process is simple and optimally adapted to your needs and your Corporate Identity.

Salesforce subscription center

Manage your newsletter sign-ups and unsubscribes directly from Salesforce.

Frequently Asked Questions

The DOI solution is primarily targeted at all Sales and Service Cloud customers who do not currently use a marketing automation tool or use a tool that is not directly connected to Salesforce to automate a DOI process.

Yes, the solution can be customised to your marketing needs. You also have the option of requesting consent via other marketing channels such as email, post or telephone.

A Web-to-Lead form is placed on your website. If a contact form already exists, this can be combined with Salesforce Web-to-Lead. Your subscription centre is managed entirely through Salesforce - optionally, it can also be integrated with your website to ensure consistency between your Salesforce and website domains.

Salesforce can accept all opt-in values during conversion. Our DOI processes are structured to look for converted contacts as well. This means that the customer can still unsubscribe from the newsletter or change their preferences.

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