Selection Hub
The intelligent selection tool for Salesforce

Given the size of the datasets and large amounts of data, the selection and reporting options in Salesforce can seem limited. With our Selection Hub, you can combine and select all of your data, arrange it into categories of your choice and harness it for more targeted and effective marketing.

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Select and combine data in Salesforce in more complex ways

The more you know about your customers, the more precisely you can select addressees for your communications, making them more personal and individualised. The ability to select and combine existing CRM data gives you a great competitive advantage. In an age when product and brand communications are ubiquitous, delivering personalised marketing that is relevant to your customers is critical.

Removing limitations in Salesforce: Selection Hub

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André Diedrich

Although you may have a large volume of customer data in Salesforce, the options for fully leveraging that valuable data are limited. Our Selection Hub has been specifically designed by us to address this limitation so that data from several different sources can be selected and evaluated. This allows your company to send each of your customers content suited to their current needs.

Select and analyse a variety of data in Salesforce. Across multiple data sources

Define filter criteria by object in Salesforce. For example, you can filter active contacts by customer or donor status.

Next, configure the selection logic with different filter criteria for each object.

Test the selection and check the number of selection results. After successfully completing this step you can create campaign participants in Salesforce.

Export the selection results as a CSV or XML file.

Feature 01

Set filter criteria

Define the required criteria for the object. For example, you can filter all customer contacts with addresses by a specific status (such as donor status) that are managed by a specific department (such as key account management).

Feature 02

Selection logic configuration

Configure your selection logic by using different operators to define sets and combine individual objects. For example, you can select all active contacts with addresses based in Southwest Germany that have a sales value of over €10,000 in the previous year who participated in the last marketing campaign.

Feature 03

Using templates for filter criteria and selection logic configurations

If you need to use certain object filters or selection logic configurations frequently, you can save them as templates and use them again for new selections.

Feature 04

Test the selection

Test the selection you have created and check the results to ensure your selection logic has captured the intended addresses

Feature 05

Create campaign participants automatically

After the selection has been tested and executed, the selected datasets can be created in Salesforce as, for example, campaign participants or as a user-defined object.

Feature 06

Customisable export of your selection data

Configure your export. For example, you can define certain column sequences. The datasets can be exported as a CSV or XML file so that you can share them with a lettershop or import them into another system.

Why choose Selection Hub?

There are many possible applications of Selection Hub. We’ve summarised some of the most important functions here.

Unrestricted selection of data from different objects

Select all data from different objects (contacts, leads, accounts, opportunities, etc.) with the help of (SQL) operators.

Fast processing of large amounts of data

Up to 60 million datasets can be processed in less than 5 minutes using external servers (Microsoft Azure, AWS, Hetzner). Internal servers can also be integrated.

Templates for ease and efficiency

Create and customise your own templates which can be reused at any time, and save valuable time and resources. 

Automatic data deduplication and data backup

Use Selection Hub to detect and eliminate redundant data duplicates and create duplicate-cleaned data backups.

Universal application

The Selection Hub can be used in a wide variety of ways: in marketing campaigns to address customers individually; in after-sales campaigns, for exporting to BI systems; in newsletter or marketing automation tools; for passing on to print service providers, and more!

Minimum requirements for the installation of Selection Hub

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Data server

Selection Hub is operated in combination with data servers (your own, or those provided by us).

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Salesforce licence with active API

Sales Cloud Enterprise or Lightning Professional

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