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Healthcare & Aesthetics industry

Marketing internationalisation through Pardot implementation

By implementing Pardot in the Sales Cloud, marketing data is automatically fed into the CRM and shared directly with Sales.

Thanks to automatic country recognition set up on the client’s website and a multilingual double opt-in process, leads are automatically assigned to their
respective countries. Sales can now personalise marketing campaigns to ensure they are in the appropriate target language, cutting out time-consuming manual processes and achieving a higher success rate.

The client is one of the leading manufacturers of surgical implants worldwide. All implants are developed locally and manufactured under clean room conditions.




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Healthcare & Aesthetics


Pardot, Sales Cloud

Go Live

August 2020

Success Story at a glance


  • High time expenditure due to manual import and export of contacts
  • Delayed internal handovers of leads between marketing and sales
  • No capture of behavioural data from leads
  • Lack of multilingual marketing activities
  • No DSGVO/GDPR-compliant double opt-in


  • Replaced Mailchimp with Pardot in Sales Cloud
  • Automated synchronisation between Pardot and Sales Cloud
  • Set up a multilingual legally compliant DOI process


  • Fast internal lead transfer (under 1 hour)
  • Legally compliant data collection and storage
  • Expansion of marketing activities from 1 to 4 languages
  • Increase click-through rate in DOI process

Initial situation and challenges
Asynchronous, manual marketing and sales activities

The customer was using Mailchimp as a marketing automation tool. This meant they had to manually export all contact data they had collected and enter it into the Sales Cloud. As a result, leads generated from trade shows or newsletter sign-ups were often not processed promptly, and sales and marketing teams were not able to work in sync with one another. Despite international sales activity, marketing activities were monolingual, and tailoring and targeting marketing messages and campaigns by country was not possible as the CRM data had no country assignment.

Internal lead handovers of +/- 24 hours

No legally compliant data collection

Customers only addressed in English

Linking the marketing automation tool with CRM 

Pardot was implemented instead of Mailchimp and fully integrated into the CRM (in this instance, Sales Cloud). Since then, the sales department have been able to view all current and past marketing activities as well as the behaviour of existing customers so that they know when best to address them with a suitable campaign.

At the same time, the implementation of Pardot also means that all new contacts are now automatically created by country and that their data is stored in compliance with DSVGO/GDPR. With the client’s previous marketing automation tool (Mailchimp), the client had to manually export all the contact data they had collected and enter it into Sales Cloud.

Solutions used

  • Pardot replaces Mailchimp as automated marketing tool
  • Synchronisation of Pardot and Sales Cloud
  • Multilingual double opt-in process generates DSGVO/GDPR-compliant data collection

Fast lead delivery, legal compliance and multilingual marketing

By neatly linking all tools and automating internal processes from lead generation to handover, collaboration between marketing and sales became faster and more efficient. The time between capturing a lead to handing the lead over to marketing was reduced from 24 hours to less than 1 hour.

Thanks to the implementation of a multilingual DOI process, the click-through rate (CTR) was measurably increased. In addition, automated country recognition of contacts’ website visits allowed the client to enhance their multilingual marketing communications.

Internal lead takeover under 1 hour

DSGVO/GDPR compliant data collection

Multilingual approach to customers

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