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Heidelberg Engineering

Implementation of the Service Cloud

For faster processing of customer and product transactions in compliance with strict regulatory requirements in the field of technological eye diagnostics.

Heidelberg Engineering develops sustainable solutions for ophthalmology that enable physicians to improve patient care. As a technology leader in ophthalmology, the company supports the resilience of diagnoses through its high-quality hardware and software products as well as through educational resources.


Heidelberg, Germany




Medical technlogy


Sales Cloud, Service Cloud

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With the support of Cloud Consulting Group in implementing the Service Cloud, our internal processes were improved significantly and made more efficient. Through constructive cooperation, our teams complemented one another very well. We now have a solution that offers us real added value. My thanks to the great CCG team!"

Success Story at a glance


  • Time-consuming management of complex support processes lasting several months which also needed to comply with strict regulatory requirements
  • Resulting lack of overview and traceability of case-specific information (e.g., lack of revision-proof archiving)
  • Continuously high manual documentation effort
  • Lack of storage and internal transfer of know-how when solving problems


  • Extensive automation of processes in customer procedures (e.g. automatic transfer of completed cases to the knowledge database and automatic follow-up tasks)
  • Creation of a service dashboard with custom reporting (e.g. error/solution reports and other important KPIs)
  • Reconfiguration of standard and custom objects in Salesforce for simplified collaboration with external service providers
  • Extension of Salesforce standard functions with Apex programming and Visualforce
  • Introduction and configuration of Email-to-Case, macros, case routing, queues, service console, etc.
  • Implementation of a global security model with individual visibility permissions and release processes in Salesforce


  • Successful upgrade of the existing CRM system, bringing considerable savings with the help of new automations
  • Significant time savings through systematic automation of standard processes
  • Consistent reduction of error susceptibility through targeted plausibility checks of data
  • Standardised query and documentation of regulatory-relevant security issues
  • Expansion of the Service Cloud to include a knowledge database function
  • Implementation of an early warning system based on an up-to-date knowledge database
  • 360° customer view of all processes, products, documents and customer information

Initial situation and challenges
Need for optimisation of the Sales Cloud, manual processes and knowledge transfer

The customer had already introduced Sales Cloud in compliance with the strict regulatory requirements of the medical technology industry.

However, its range of functions was not sufficient to optimally map the complex service processes at Heidelberg Engineering. We were commissioned to implement the Service Cloud with a particular focus on customer processes in order to integrate all information on customers and products in one place.

The aim was to enable reporting, automatable task creation and assignment, linking products, as well as the creation and maintenance of a knowledge database with a ticketing system.

Manual project control and documentation

Lack of a complete overview of case-specific information

Lack of storage and sharing of project insights

Implementation of reporting and dashboards, automations and a knowledge database

One of the main goals of all the measures we undertook was to increase the speed of all internal processes. At the same time, the entire implementation had to consistently meet the highest regulatory security standards. Based on the customer's requirements, including their need to introduce collaboration options for customer and product processes and a knowledge database, customised solutions within the Sales Cloud and Service Cloud were developed with the help of Apex and Visualforce.

Reports and dashboards were also implemented and further customised to make all data points in Salesforce measurable, in real time. This enabled the customer to draw conclusions from important KPIs such as case resolution time.

Implemented solutions

  • Apex and Visualforce for customised solutions in Salesforce
  • Extension of the Service Cloud with a knowledge database
  • Jira and Confluence for agile project management

Time saving through automation and an up-to-date early warning system

After the introduction of the Service Cloud, the average time taken to resolve a case dropped significantly. Heidelberg Engineering was able to process and close almost twice as many cases in the same time as before.

The highlights:

  • Optimised case management – time savings and process acceleration through automatic risk assessment of cases according to the respective risk level

  • Reporting – the early warning system (error/solution reporting) enables prompt reaction to problems and improves product quality and stability through the documentation of frequently occurring errors

  • Easy collaboration – several people can work simultaneously on different tasks (which are, in-part, automatically generated) on the case (e.g. quotation generation and device repair) leading to faster processing and higher customer satisfaction




Automation of standard processes

360° customer overview of all processes, products, documents and customer information


Establishment of a knowledge database

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