We’ve chosen to celebrate our 10th anniversary in a slightly unexpected way: by setting an initiative in motion that we’ve asked others to take part in: an anniversary charitable campaign.

Why and how do you celebrate a company anniversary in the first place? And what exactly are you supposed to celebrate?

These are the questions marketing departments typically ask themselves, and they end up coming up with all sorts of useless stuff. And this year, it's our turn: 10 years of Cloud Consulting Group ??

So what does Cloud Consulting Group have to celebrate on our 10-year anniversary? Let's think back to our beginnings and our motives for founding a company: a company whose goal and purpose was to be good, for as many people as possible.

We wanted to build a company that was exactly the opposite of the kind of company we had come across in our careers so far. The thinking was: we wanted to focus on people first and then build a company around them, so that it served those people.”

Peter Ihbe, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Cloud Consulting Group

For us, the company should be a place where people can freely develop and evolve. We were firmly convinced that this is the only way to create good client relationships and projects. That's why Cloud Consulting Group is the way it is today."

Mario Raabe, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Cloud Consulting Group

10 years of Cloud Consulting Group: that's 10 years of digitalisation in Germany. And of giving back!

and have achieved growth year on year. All of this we’ve been able to do organically, healthily, with almost no fluctuation in the core team, and all while living up to our values and our social responsibility commitments (you can find an overview of these projects here) leben

The 10-year anniversary is simply an occasion to share this success with others.

To mark our tenth anniversary, rather than spending any more time patting ourselves on the back, we wanted to help others. And to do this, we need you –– our partners, customers, allies and employees!

Non-profit client + digitisation service provider = charitable campaign (instead of speeches)

Together with our long-standing client Christoffel-Blindenmission (CBM), who we have been advising and supporting for several years in their digitalisation (especially of fundraising processes) we have launched the following campaign: 

A charitable campaign in cooperation with Christoffel-Blindenmission on the occasion of our tenth anniversary.

Helping, enabling, and supporting others are core values at Cloud Consulting Group. This is why we’ve launched our ThinkGiving campaign to mark our tenth anniversary.

The project: using technology to help people see better 

Led by the guiding principle of ThinkGiving, Cloud Consulting Group and CBM will support a project called Peek Vision. Through the intelligent use of technology, we aim to help people in poor regions of the world detect eye diseases at an early stage and provide them with the right medical care quickly and easily. 

Digital diagnostics and suitable help, everywhere: the Peek Vision app

We were thoroughly impressed by this idea and the approach. In order to save people tedious and costly journeys to find a suitable doctor or clinic, Peek Vision, together with CBM and its partners working in poor countries in the southern hemisphere, trains local helpers to use a smartphone and an app to test vision and possible impairments (especially in children) at an early stage. The data collected is uploaded to the cloud (via the smartphone) and evaluated with the help of modern software and doctors. Once suitable treatment measures are found, they are then communicated to patients on-site.

Another important aspect of this project is in helping to educate children, friends, family members and patients about visual impairments: this is helpful both for those affected themselves and for the people around them. For example, family members can be informed directly via the app what those affected can see and what they cannot.

Donate now on the ThinkGiving donation page

Celebrating 10 years of Cloud Consulting Group together, with you!

With ThinkGiving, we would like to invite as many of you as possible –– our partners, customers, employees and friends –– to join us: help us to raise awareness of the campaign or even offer your support with a donation. We have kicked things off with an initial donation of €20,000 (consisting of a donation from Cloud Consulting Group and from private contributions) and hope that more of you will join us. We will soon be showing the progress of donations in real time on the campaign page.

As a small sidenote, we set up the fundraising process entirely in Salesforce as part of our work for CBM: for this collaborative campaign, we will be making the most of the possibilities that Salesforce offers to achieve the best results we can.

If you would like to support the campaign, then please feel free to share this article with your network, and tell your colleagues and friends! Together we can make a difference!

Visuals: Copyright Notice CBM/U. Kleiner

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