Success Story

Establishing a single point of truth for data-driven forecasting

The introduction of Sales Cloud as a digital enterprise platform generates new opportunities by allowing business management to devise strategies based on past and current data. Business development, sales and marketing are closely linked in Salesforce to provide a holistic 360° overview of all products, processes and results. Data silos are continuously eliminated and data quality is maximised for all areas of the business.

HERMES PHARMA is an expert in the development and manufacture of user-friendly oral dosage forms. The company offers pharmaceutical and healthcare companies around the world tailored services along the entire pharmaceutical value chain –– from the development of new products, through galenics and production, to regulatory approval.


Pullach, Germany




Pharma, Healthcare, CDMO


Sales Cloud


November 2020

By implementing Salesforce, we have taken a big step forward in the age of digitalisation. We have also gained considerably greater transparency. The data stored in Salesforce enables a simple and reliable evaluation of our past and future development. Cloud Consulting Group has not only provided us with excellent advice and reliable implementation but has opened our eyes to the fantastic new possibilities of digitalisation.

Success Story at a glance


  • Fragmented data structure across multiple systems and poor data quality
  • Delays in internal data transfer due to problems caused by manual entry as well as transfer and control issues when processing orders
  • Insufficient measurements of the client’s own marketing and sales productivity (e.g., status of all opportunities)
  • Time-consuming manual creation of reports
  • No automatic matching of marketing records with double opt-in data
  • No individual access and visibility restrictions (role and security management)


  • Introduction of Salesforce Sales Cloud and replacement of fragmented data architecture and tools
  • Consolidation of central processes such as briefing and order processes, status information in product development and the approval of pharmaceutical and healthcare products
  • Setting up of opportunity-based evaluations for multi-year revenue planning (through new object architecture in Sales Cloud)
  • Development and customisation of automated dashboards and reports
  • Development and implementation of CCG’s double opt-in solution to support DSGVO/GDPR-compliant communication


  • Live 360° overview of business development, sales and marketing
  • Real-time sales forecasts, which can be sorted by customer, product and region, among other filters
  • Successful synchronisation of sales volumes with production quotas
  • Creation of a data-driven foundation for informed business development and production expansion
  • Elimination of data silos leading to error-free results, even when teams are working in different locations
  • Continuous data deduplication and elimination of obsolete data
  • Significant time and cost savings through fully digitised processes
  • Integration of role and security management within the Sales Cloud

Initial situation & challenge
Fragmented data and system landscape

Customer and product information was not combined in one CRM system but distributed across multiple systems (e.g., emails and offline Excel spreadsheets) and required a large amount of work due to manual data-entry, maintenance, and update processes. The simultaneous, decentralised collaboration of different teams on the same data sets and processes was not possible.

The input, forwarding and coordination of production briefings and customer orders between  the production development and approval departments was also done manually, making it slow and costly. Individual sales forecasts (per product and customer) as well as company-wide sales forecasts for new business required great manual effort to put together and, due to the quality of the existing data, were inaccurate.

No sales forecasts with real-time data

Complex manual reporting

Reduced data quality due to fragmented system landscape

Sales Cloud, customisation and automation

At the beginning of the project, the current situation was analysed together with the customer, and the greatest optimisation potentials were identified. The Salesforce Sales Cloud was implemented in phases. Core processes were automated and reconstructed as Salesforce custom and standard objects, which ensured that workflows could be digitalised without interruption.

Product search and display was enhanced, allowing users to filter by customer, region, active ingredient, dosage form and exclusivity clause. At the customer's request, a new, intuitive user interface was created, which contained all previous automations as well as new ones.

Implemented solutions

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Debug Tools
  • Lightning Design System
  • Apex

360° overview, live forecasting, data quality

Thanks to the newly introduced data structure, HERMES PHARMA has since been able to make strategic decisions centrally. With the help of future sales forecasts and production volumes and locations, sales data can now be harnessed by management as an effective tool for corporate governance.

In addition, internal departments such as Business Development and Sales now have the opportunity to obtain an up-to-date overview of new business, products, sales forecasts and approval procedures; in addition, they can manage customer, product, and regional allocation data at any time without additional manual effort.


  • Improved lead classification: systematic integration and automation of marketing and sales processes has increased close rates
  • Real-time reporting: synchronisation of current sales volumes with existing and future production quotas through reporting and dashboards
  • Ease of collaboration: by eliminating data silos, teams from different locations work together more easily and efficiently and produce error-free results

360° overview of sales, business development and marketing processes

Automated reporting to synchronise sales and production volumes 

Continuous data deduplication and elimination of obsolete data

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