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Salesforce Map App for locating and displaying real estate assets

In order to better manage assets in Salesforce, we planned and developed  an app that would prevent duplicates with the help of geo-coordinates and a map-based display which also enabled further processing across business units.

Based on the tourManager24 app, the CORPUS SIREO map app was developed and fully integrated into Salesforce.

CORPUS SIREO is a multi-award-winning, multi-disciplinary real estate service provider. The company operates as a fund and asset manager, investor and project developer in Germany and other European countries.

CORPUS SIREO also acts as a co-investment partner for pan-European real estate investments.


Cologne, Germany




Real Estate


Sales Cloud, custom app development

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Together with Cloud Consulting Group, we were able to develop a very scalable, high performing and user-friendly app for use on he Salesforce platform, which has become an important component in our asset management toolkit."

Success Story at a glance


  • Replacing an existing solution and integrating a new application into existing Salesforce apps and those under development for various business units
  • Clear, dynamic presentation and evaluation of partially unstructured data
  • Integration of different Google APIs in Salesforce


  • Display of existing assets in filterable list
  • High scalability through configurable adaptation and adjustment of objects
  • Presentation page for free location search
  • Map-based display of known and new locations
  • Functions for creating and editing data records


  • Increased data quality: no location duplicates within the asset objects, verification of addresses based on geocoding
  • Extensive planning and evaluation possibilities due to the map-based display (e.g., by proximity search)
  • Development of a further marketable Salesforce app

Initial situation & challenges
Replacement of an existing solution

The client needed  a Salesforce app with geolocalisation and mapping functions for the management of assets and offers as part of the acquisition process. A particular focus here was on duplicate checking when creating assets as well as on dynamic criteria for the further processing of these assets. Another focus was on scalability, so that the app could be used quickly and easily in other areas of the business.

Paid third-party app

Limited functionality

No simultaneous sessions possible

Development and implementation of a custom map app 

The CORPUS SIREO map app was implemented in 2017 as a managed package based on Visualforce, Apex and JavaScript.

Mapping, geocoding as well as a search search function were implemented using Google Maps services.

The CORPUS SIREO map app replaced a paid Salesforce app with an in-house application that could be marketed by the client.

The resulting CORPUS SIREO map app is a streamlined, scalable Salesforce app that allows employees to quickly and easily manage known and new assets on a map-based interface.

The range of functions includes:

  • Search and capture of new locations
  • A proximity search for assets that have already been captured
  • Map and list-based display of new and known locations
  • Filtering of the display
  • Route planning
  • Point-and-click configuration

Increased data quality, scalability and geolocated asset management

Thanks to the new map app, employees can now create new assets and manage existing ones more efficiently. The map-based display offers additional advantages:

  • Increased data quality: the presentation method prevents the creation of location duplicates and thus ensures a clean database with address verification based on geocoding
  • Extensive planning and evaluation options (including a proximity search) as well as integrated route planning
  • Scalable app that can be adapted to other internal and external company requirements at any time in order with a future-proof, flexible design

In-house app that can be branded, scaled and resold

High level of functionality

Simultaneous sessions possible

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