Success Story

Ground-up optimisation of an existing Salesforce Sales Cloud

The client commissioned us to completely re-work an inadequately set up Sales Cloud instance, together with all relevant processes. It was clear from a brief system and process audit that numerous central processes had only been partially, or in some cases even incorrectly, automated.

After our overhaul of the client’s Sales Cloud, the lead generation and qualification process was once again state-of-the-art. All data could be accessed effortlessly at any time with the help of automated dashboards and reports.

The client is an independently-run chain of clinics specialising in cosmetic surgery procedures and treatments. At four locations in Germany, the experienced team of doctors and medical professionals treat patients from Germany and from around the world.




20 - 30




Sales Cloud

Go Live

October 2019

Success Story at a glance


  • Optimisation of an existing Sales Cloud
  • Inefficient processing of incoming leads and, in some cases, unexploited leads due to a lack of lead management process
  • Lack of automation (e.g., no automatic assignment of tasks or follow-up calls upon receipt of a lead)
  • Incomplete and fragmented storage of relevant patient data (e.g., personal data, fee agreements, invoices, prescriptions, etc.)
  • No insightful report function; tedious manual creation, no dashboards
  • Platform breaks; data from different tools were needed for document creation


  • Analysis and development of an optimisation strategy for the Sales Cloud
  • Adaptation of the Lead and Opportunity objects and revision of the entire process
  • Creation of automations and email templates
  • Determination of mandatory fields in the lead generation process
  • Creation of other custom objects (e.g., for prescriptions, fee agreements, invoices, etc.)
  • Introduction of reporting templates and dashboards


  • Successful optimisation of the Sales Cloud: the entire lead process is now fully mapped in Salesforce
  • Effective evaluation and use of stored data in marketing
  • Mapping and overview of the patient journey in Salesforce: from contact to treatment to invoicing
  • Seamless billing via Salesforce
  • Automatic sending of SMS messages (e.g., nutritional information or directions to the clinic before a treatment)
  • Unification of work methods and procedures
  • Significant time savings in sales and marketing

Initial situation

The customer was using a non-optimised Sales Cloud instance and commissioned us to re-work and optimise it

The customer already had a Sales Cloud set up by another service provider. The configuration did not meet the client's requirements and did not fully utilise the Sales Cloud's functionality.

The lead generation, qualification and follow-up process was incompletely automated, resulting in missed leads. Reporting was cumbersome and manual and therefore time-consuming.

No cohesive lead process

Complex manual reporting

Fragmented tool and data landscape


Establishment of future digital workflows, configuration of the Sales Cloud and onboarding of all relevant employees

Through the development of an overarching strategy, all of the client's requirements were incorporated into the implementation. The entire lead process was adapted so that, for example, new leads automatically receive tailored notifications and the clinic team is automatically assigned tasks as soon as a lead needs to be contacted.

Uniform email templates were created, mandatory fields in the lead generation process were defined and additional custom objects (e.g., for prescriptions, fee agreements, invoices, etc.) were established. Finally, reporting templates were created and dashboards implemented.

It was now possible to create reports for segmenting the target group(s) (e.g., for universities or hospitals) in a few steps, which can now be addressed through more targeted marketing communication. In addition, campaign management was strengthened through list-based direct mail and email campaigns.  Intelligent direct mail campaigns tailored specifically for target groups (e.g., by product) were also made possible.

Highlights summary
Consistent optimisation of Sales Cloud and lead-to-opportunity processes, reduced efforts in marketing and sales, better customer experience

If a lead makes an appointment, it is now immediately converted and an opportunity is automatically created. Important documents such as fee agreements or prescriptions can also be created in Salesforce. Thanks to the integration of Conga Composer and Conga Sign, documents can not only be generated from Salesforce, but also digitally signed and managed. After surgery, the opportunity can be billed directly through a custom object.

Since the complete patient file can now be viewed in Salesforce, marketing and the front desk can work hand in hand to evaluate all available data with the help of reports and dashboards. In addition, patients also directly benefit from the new system, as they are automatically sent important information about their surgery via SMS from Salesforce.

Optimal lead-to-opportunity process

Automated reporting of sales data

Unified and coherent data in Salesforce

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