Success Story

Introduction of Salesforce as a central sales and marketing platform

The successful introduction of Salesforce as the central CRM system represented a significant digital milestone  for the marketing and sales activities of the animal feed supplier FarmChamps.

All sales activities, from first contact to the creation of consistent and accurate quotes, are now handled centrally. This gives the company a 360° view of their customers, which has increased the efficiency of the telemarketing and sales teams in particular.

FarmChamps GmbH was founded in January 2019 as a subsidiary of Josera, a leading manufacturer of animal feed, and supports agriculture with new digital technologies and modern feed solutions.


Kleinheubach, Germany


< 100


Agriculture/ Feed distribution


Sales Cloud, Pardot B2B Marketing


June 2020

By using Salesforce, the efficiency of our sales has increased immensely in a very short time. We can now take even better care of our customers. Our teamwork has improved. Cross-selling and upselling have also improved significantly, especially through the combined use of Sales Cloud as CRM and Pardot as B2B marketing automation.

Success Story at a glance


  • No higher-level control and overview of telemarketing, including compilation and processing of telephone lists
  • No centralised system support for handling individual early/bulk purchase discounts (together with product hierarchies) for wholesalers and direct customers
  • Manual calculation of sales prices of silage additives including quantity and early purchase discounts


  • Processing of telephone lists via tasks in Salesforce
  • Creation of a telemarketing console that provides an overview of unfinished tasks and lead information
  • Maintenance of quantity and early purchase discounts in Salesforce based on individual objects
  • Building automations that locate the right discount records and use them to calculate the correct sales prices


  • Acceleration and improvement of processes post-qualification of leads
  • Central storage of all telemarketing activities and results in the CRM in direct connection with prospects and/or customers
  • Automatic calculation of sales prices including different discounts
  • More consistent and error-free quote generation

Initial situation & challenges
Decentrally controlled, manual marketing activities and offer processes

With the help of telemarketing, FarmChamps generates new leads whose call results must be documented as quickly and effortlessly as possible. As soon as a lead is qualified, it is passed on to the sales team. 

The team then offers the relevant products to their different customer target groups — from small farmers to wholesalers — with consistent application of various bulk or early purchase discounts. This was largely done manually and in a decentralised way, with the help of pen and paper.

Manual discounts during quote creation

Manual lead transfer between marketing and sales

Teams working independently of each other

Agile and efficient implementation of the Sales Cloud and Pardot

Based on a situation analysis at the beginning of the project, our project team was able to address FarmChamp’s requirements with targeted solutions. The entire project was implemented with the help of an agile working method and JIRA.

We focussed on two central points:

1. The digitalisation of telemarketing minimising necessary number of clicks

2. The mapping and automated linking of all discount and pricing logic to opportunities

Transparent marketing work, accelerated lead handover, faster quote generation

Through the successful implementation of the Sales Cloud and Sales Console, the processing time of leads has been reduced by roughly 75%. The number of leads processed daily has been increased from 10 to 35 leads per employee.

At the same time, telemarketing has become more transparent and can now be evaluated at short notice at any time, providing an unprecedented insight into work processes and results. The sales team has been able to significantly increase its effectiveness and the quality of its quotes.

Automated documentation and lead transfer

Automated allocation of discounts during quote generation

Automated collaboration

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