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Financial Services

Adaptation and implementation of an expense recording app

The client was looking for a cloud-based expense app that could be fully integrated into Salesforce, where expense claim and transfer processes were  as automated as possible.

We implemented a travel expense app in the existing Salesforce environment, which completely replaced the old application and accompanying step-by-step manual processes.

The VVS has around 300 financial advisors in the field who incur travel expenses every day. The goal for the implementation of the Expenses App was to be able to make recording and accounting for these expenses as effortless as possible.


Hesse, Germany




Financial Services


Sales Cloud, Expenses App

Go Live

October 2020

The integration of the Expenses App within Salesforce has created tangible added value for every employee. Thanks to the new app, we have converted the entire billing process to paperless. The system has transformed the process for our field and our office staff for the better. It’s been a great tool for everyone.

Success Story at a glance


  • The customer was looking for an expense reporting solution that could be fully integrated into their Salesforce org
  • Previous expense reporting made no reference to customers and projects and required time-consuming manual allocation
  • Lack of internal visibility restrictions of employee reports
  • Requirement to implement adaptation of search function in the org
  • Previous expense recording process was fragmented in Excel documents and additional tools
  • Requirement from the client for grouping of expenses per trip


  • Implementation of our Expenses App
  • The entire project was implemented via an agile project management approach
  • Adaptation of the Expenses App to existing accounting processes
  • Development of a new component in Salesforce for easy expense recording
  • Development of an automatic merging of receipts
  • Adaptation of the app to applicable corporate identity guidelines


  • Successful implementation of the Expenses App in the client’s Salesforce org
  • Seamless replacement of a legacy application
  • Complete digitalisation of the expense reporting process
  • All work steps merged and automated in one system:  
    • Immense time savings through automated processes between employees and travel cost centre
    • Reduced potential for errors 
    • Transparency and traceability of costs
  • Extended visibility settings
  • Additional grouping settings

Initial situation

The client was looking for a cloud-based expense app that could be fully integrated into their Salesforce org where processing and transfer processes were as automated as possible.

The client’s 300 employees were already working with an expense recording tool, but it was not integrated into Salesforce.

The existing expense recording processes were largely manual, with employees planning their trips in an external travel tool. The costs incurred were then entered. The whole thing then had to be exported manually as a PDF and sent to the travel cost centre, which checked the expense report.  

The manual entry, allocation, export, sending and communication processes required were very time-consuming and led to delays up to the point of payment.

Expense report not integrated in Salesforce

Manual recording, allocation and processing of costs

Lack of visibility settings of reports


We implemented our Expenses App which we tailored to the client’s existing org. In the course of this customisation, we developed a component that significantly simplified the recording of expenses. 

We also developed and implemented a PDF merge function so that the settlement of expense receipts could be handled completely within Salesforce.

Integrated, synchronised, automated

Thanks to the integration of our Expense App with Salesforce, the client’s employees no longer have to switch between two systems. This has sped up the entire expense reporting process for everyone and reduced potential errors.

All expenses are now directly linked to the corresponding Salesforce records, giving the employee a 360° overview of their expenses in Salesforce. 

The PDF merge function saves employees time when submitting expense reports. The approval process has also been automated and digitalised.

Expense reporting integrated in Salesforce

Individual visibility settings of reports

Automated allocation and processing of travel expenses

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