MRR Forecast Report for Smaller Salesforce ORGS

A forecast of monthly recurring revenue based on your opportunities is difficult to achieve with a standard Salesforce report. In particular, small to medium-sized companies with a Salesforce Professional Edition license are quickly reaching their limits. The reason for this is the limited functionality.

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Problem Outline

Due to its complexity, a tabular or summary report cannot represent a forecast of monthly recurring sales based on opportunities. On the other hand, using a matrix report, this can work. However, due to a lack of data, this report can only show one MRR value per opportunity and this value can also only be shown for the current month.

If you would like to create a forecast with MRR values over several months, the MRR values for exactly this period would have to be available already. This can be solved by using workflows or Process Builder to set up a process that automatically calculates the required MRR values.

Please note that the creation of workflows depends on your Salesforce license, i.e. as a Salesforce user with a "Professional Edition" license, no workflows will be available to you. These functions are only available in "Enterprise Edition" and above.

Our Solution:
The MRR Forecast report

To create an MRR forecast in Salesforce, all MRR values for the subscription or license period must already be known. With our solution, revenues - broken down by month and year - are automatically generated as soon as an opportunity is created or updated. This is done depending on the opportunity stages (we recommend to choose the stage "Closed Won" as the basis), the closed datenumber of monthsACV and the MRR.

If the Stage is set to "Closed Won", in the next steps all revenues are automatically determined and written into a custom object, which is assigned to the opportunity.

These values form the basis for the MRR to be listed in a matrix report over a defined period of time. In addition to the revenue dates, the sum of a single opportunity (or all opportunities) for an account (or all accounts) is also summarised.

Usage and Installation

All Salesforce users with a focus on licensing or subscription business will now be able to forecast monthly recurring revenue (MRR) in smaller Salesforce Orgs using our MRR Forcecast Report. No additional systems or applications are required. Even with a Salesforce Professional Edition license you can create accurate forecasts. We implement the solution in your Sales Cloud environment.

  • Clear cost advantage: MRR Forecasts can already be implemented with a "Professional Edition" license. There is no need to upgrade to a larger Salesforce license or purchase additional software.
  • No additional system required: All existing data from Salesforce is used and processed in one system. There is also no need for cost-intensive integration into another system.
  • Flexibility: MRR can be calculated flexibly, depending on the closed date, starting from the month of entry. Even more complex calculations with additional values and dependencies can be set up (e.g. different stages with different probabilities; prerequisite: Sales Cloud Enterprise Edition). On request, all MRR can also be displayed as a dashboard.
  • Time saving: The forecast can be generated in a few steps via a report. The expected recurring revenue is automatically drawn from all opportunities for the desired period.

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