Simplified Collaboration with the Salesforce Jira Integration

The optimal coordination of project teamwork is a basic prerequisite for the successful implementation of your projects. An important aspect of this is being able to access current issues and information at any time, in order to discuss and work on tasks and problems on a case-by-case basis. Jira is the optimal tool for this. In the future, with our Salesforce Jira Integration, you will be able to control Jira issues efficiently from within Salesforce, thereby saving valuable time!

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Jira is probably the most widely utilised tool for organising, prioritising and processing tasks within agile software development. Due to its seamless flows, Jira is also often used by different teams within a company to work together on various requirements and support tickets. In the Salesforce CRM system, especially in case management, customer data is linked to customer inquiries, such as support requests. For employees in companies that use both Jira and Salesforce, this results in the problem that, in order to work on one request, they may have to switch between two systems several times, in order to communicate effectively with other teams, external employees and the customer.

Our Solution:
Salesforce Jira Integration

Streamlined collaboration: The integration simplifies the collaboration between different teams across the two systems (Salesforce and Jira). Complete overview: All necessary information in one system, so you have a complete overview of all issues at all times. Time saving: No switching between the two systems - with the integration you can create Jira issues in Salesforce at any time. The issue is automatically synchronised to Jira and updated when changes occur. Cost savings: The development team does not need a Salesforce license, only the Salesforce users working with the integration need a Jira license.

Features & Usage

With Salesforce Jira Integration, you'll not only save time and stress, you'll also simplify work processes for your employees. They can create their Jira issues in Salesforce at any time and just like in Jira, they can link other Jira issues and view the status of the issues when creating tickets in Salesforce. In addition, the issues are always updated automatically, so your team is always up to date.

This solution can be used for both Jira Cloud and Jira Servers.

The integration is installed via a so-called "Unmanaged Package". This has the advantage that all components (and thus standard functions) are directly available and usable in your Salesforce CRM system. The flexibility to customise the implementation to individual needs is ensured. 

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