Automated Double-Opt-In Process in Salesforce

Witihin the scope of the GDPR, many companies must closely look at, and adapt, their existing processes. This also applies to a number of established Salesforce processes such as e.g. the Web2lead and Web2Case functions.

This is because the the user is here given the option, with one click, e.g. to subscribe to a newsletter. However, in accordance with the new GDPR, newsletters such as this are no long data protection compliant, unless other follow-up processes are implemented. In order that these processes can be implemented with as little effort as possible, we have developed a streamlined solution for this purpose, which you can individually customise.

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Problem Outline

In marketing automation, it has already been a requirement for some time to give newletter subscribers the opportunity to unsubscribe at any time. Additionally, in a number of countries, including Germany, automated marketing emails (e.g. newsletters) can only be sent after the subscriber has explicitly given their consent again. As a rule, he confirms his e-mail address for this purpose with a button or link. This is generally referred to as "double opt-in".

In pure Salesforce implementations, Salesforce Web forms (Web-to-Lead, Web-to-Case) are often used to sign-up for newsletters.

As these forms primarily serve a different purpose than newsletter subscriptions, the Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud offer no standard option to manage the subscription according to EU Law. The automations for the double-opt-in, and also for the case that a subscriber wishes to unsubscribe, are missing.

In the past this was often tolerated as a given, due to the low penalties for reported violations. With the GDPR, from the end of May, higher penalties are threatened here.

Our Solution:
Salesforce Double Opt-In

Based on our own experiences with marketing automation tools, we have developed a streamlined solution for a native Salesforce Subscription Center.

Following the creation of a new lead through a Web-to-Lead Form, Salesforce automatically sends an email containing a link to a Visualforce page, on which he can confirm his email address. 

Following this this confirmation, a double opt-in flag is placed on the lead in Salesforce, and an activity record is created.

For all further newsletter activities controlled by Salesforce, an "Unsubscribe" link can be included in the email, which allows the recipient of the e-mail to unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.

If the subscriber unsubscribes, he will receive one last email, confirming the cancellation and containing a "Resubscribe" link. 
Our solution also covers the case that a lead has been converted in every use case. The data will be completely carried over to the contact.  

Usage and Installation

  • Native, GDPR compliant Salesforce solution
  • Streamlined Salesforce Subscription Center
  • A configurable solution with little effort (e.g. based on your Corporate Identity)

The solution will be installed with a so called "Unmanaged Package". The installation can take place in the the sandbox as well as in the Production environment. After the installation, Visualforce pages and email templates (Layouts and Wording) are customised according to your specifications. 

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