legally compliant Timetracking in Salesforce

Legally compliant and transparent timetracking is often associated with an enormous administrative effort. We have the right solution for you! Using the Timetracking App in Salesforce, customise your timetracking system according to your individual requirements, verify the working times of your employees in real-time and create efficient processes.

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Problem Outline

Until now, modern timetracking systems were mainly found in larger companies. However, the ECJ's recent judgement will bring changes. Every company - whether big or small - could be required in the future to document their employees working times. Traditional timetracking systems are generally costly, location-bound and often associated with a significant administrative effort. Additionally, not all timetracking systems lend themselves to modern requirements such as working from home, mobile work and trust-based working models.

Our Solution:
legally compliant timetracking in Salesforce with the Timetracking-App

The Timetracking App offers you a cloud-based, comprehensive overall solution for your company, which can be easily scaled and, above-all, customised according to your specific requirements - for increased transparency and efficiency in your timetracking.

Advantages of the App:

  • Scalable: Adaptable to all working time models, multiple individual Apps for different areas such as HR or employees is possible
  • Cloud-based: Can be used while on route or on site
  • User-friendly: Simple customisation of timetracking models according to the modular principle

Features and Usage

As a result of the new legal requirements, you will be obliged in the future to record working times. See this change as a chance to enable a new type of timetracking for your employees and your company; with the Timetracking-App you get a Cloud-based, user-friendly and modern overall solution - adaptable, scalable and location indepenendent - for increased transparency and efficieny in your timetracking.

We will customise the App according to your requirements, regardless of whether you maintain one or multiple working-time models. Additionally, you have the possibility to adapt it to different areas or responsibilities within your company, for example an app for your HR personal to maintain an overview and for your employees to track their working times on a daily basis. Alongside the tracking of working times you can additionally create monthly overviews, individual absence types and much more. Talk to us about the app's functions and individual customisation options!

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