Internal Inventory Management App

It's good to always have an accurate and up-to-date overview of the internal inventory, but wouldn't it be great to be able to store specific product data, checkouts, images and other details? We have an inexpensive and simple solution for you! With well-maintained archiving and a clear user interface, you always have an overview of your inventory and costs.

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Problem Outline

Many companies do not have an exact overview of their internal inventory, yet it is important to be able to store specific product details. However, this usually requires a complex and expensive system, and maintaining this system often turns out to be very demanding. This usually costs not only time and a lot of stress, but also money. We know how to save your nerves and your wallet.

Our Solution:
Manage Company Inventory in Salesforce 

Everything at a glance: The Inventory Management App provides a complete overview of your company's inventory. 

Easy to use and assign: Inventory data is stored in Salesforce, assigned to employees and inventory quantities are automatically updated.

Accessible everywhere: For inventory management purposes, information about your products is easily accessible via the cloud.

Reporting: Create a complete list and reports of your employees' checked-out and checked-in products.

Usage & Features

The Inventory Management App gives you a complete overview of your company's inventory. Streamlined with Salesforce's standard features, it provides a smooth and transparent process for tracking your company's goods, ensuring the availability of consistent information, and ensuring that appropriate personnel have a complete view of internal inventory.

  • Capture and maintain internal items, manage item inventories
  • Track internal inventory with customizable inventory tracking numbers
  • Logging of all article-related information and activities
  • Assignment of elements to internal users with check-in and check-out functionality
  • Automatic reminders to the human resources department about expiring mobile phone contracts

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