Automatic Commission Calculation

Commissions are a very useful and effective way to further motivate employees and reward them for hard work and dedication. We have developed a solution in Salesforce that now allows you to automate commission calculations. Calculations are done in real time, and you can flexibly change commission rates for individual recipients.

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Problem Outline

For many companies the Salesforce functions "Opportunity Teams" and "Opportunity Splits" are insufficient, because they do not allow a direct commission calculation. As a result, the commission calculation is often outsourced to the finance department, which can lead to time delays and calculation deviations. The calculation of commission rates is mostly done by fixed or variable percentages related to the amount of an opportunity. Through this relation, the commission calculation can be automatically mapped in in real time.

Our Solution:
Automatic Commission Calculation

With the Automatic Commission Calculation App, you can reward your employees for new leads and pay them commissions on the resulting projects and invoices. This additional motivation requires little effort because the app is easy to usetransparent and minimizes internal manual processes.

  • Assign a lead finder and commission rate to your leads and track them through accounts, projects and invoices.
  • Assign a commission period (e.g. one year) during which projects and invoices generate commissions for your employees.
  • Count the number of commissions that the account has generated for use in reports, employee performance and human resources.


  • Calculate commissions directly and in real time for the respective opportunity.
  • Assign several commission recipients to an opportunity.
  • Flexible modification of commission rates of individual recipients without affecting commissions that were already calculated.
  • Visibility of commissions controlled through Salesforce security settings.
  • Analyse your commissions through the included Salesforce reports.

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