Dynamic translations in Salesforce with DeepL

Automated translations and language checks in Salesforce for efficient customer service

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The end of language barriers: open up new markets with DeepL

Many companies would like to open up their customer base to different countries. How would your service staff respond when asked a question in a language they did not know?

Would they be able to reply quickly and confidently? Even if you use one of the countless internet translation tools, the workload, processing time and cost required to answer each message quickly doubles. It can also be very challenging to keep track of all the data entered.

Our solution: automated translations in Salesforce
For great customer service and communication without language barriers.

Translate queries and texts directly in Salesforce without the need for external tools.

New entries have already been edited and are checked automatically.

Set predefined text fields that will be translated directly into your corporate style.

It doesn't matter whether you are in the office, working from home, or on the go because DeepL is also available in the mobile version of Salesforce.

This is how dynamic translations work in Salesforce with DeepL

When you integrate DeepL into Salesforce, each new or edited data record is automatically checked to see which language it is written in. Predefined fields are even translated directly into your corporate style, using your preferred terms keeping language use consistent across the entire company. Language barriers in service and sales are now a thing of the past, making things significantly easier for your employees.

DeepL translations voted best in Germany

In recent blind tests, DeepL translations received up to four times better ratings from professional translators than those  produced by software from Google, Microsoft and Amazon.

Source: https://t3n.de/news/deepl-update-schlauer-1250207/

Automated language checking in Salesforce
Comprehensive choice of languages

DeepL's neural networks translate reliably into and from the following languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese.

Why you should opt for dynamic translation with DeepL

With our solution for your Salesforce environment, overcome language barriers and ensure your customer service is as efficient as it can be.

Everything in one system

Have your texts checked and translated in Salesforce.

Comprehensive choice of languages

Currently eleven languages can be translated and recognised automatically.

Works on your mobile

Your texts are translated in Salesforce, and in the Salesforce mobile app.

Automatic language check

Salesforce automatically checks which language a text is written in and translates it into the language you choose.

Minimum requirements for dynamic translations in Salesforce with DeepL

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