Automated Surveys in Salesforce
Knowing what your customers want

From marketing to sales, product development to service, knowing what your customers think and understanding their needs is a key competitive advantage. With customisable customer surveys in Salesforce, receive important feedback just when you need it, helping you to improve customer satisfaction and generate long-term leads.

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Surveys generate valuable data

If you want to offer the best customer care and the right products and services, you will need to know what your customers want, or understand where they are currently dissatisfied.

Most other survey tools are fee-based. It can be difficult to predict what they will cost you, as costs often depend on the number of responses. It can be difficult to work efficiently with these survey tools because the data is stored in different systems, and you can't easily match it with existing data from your Salesforce CRM. There are tools that are “Salesforce-only” but these often use Salesforce Web forms (Web-to-Lead, Web-to-Case) that only consider the respective standard objects (Lead, Case) in Salesforce.

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Ensure no feedback is lost

Key features and functions of our solution

Proactively send out surveys, solicit feedback and derive scenario-based actions from the results.

Automate surveys based on predefined criteria and send out user-defined surveys.

Receive and react to feedback according to the situation.

Automatically create recurring surveys.

Our surveys solution

With our surveys solution, you only incur a one-time cost. However, unlike other survey tools, we offer several additional features. For instance, we ensure that your surveys are not sent out at inappropriate moments, something which can be detrimental to the pre-sales process.

With our solution, you create individual entries and the process of creating and sending out surveys is largely automated. Surveys can be created and sent out:

based on specific criteria, for example, to new customers, or on the termination of a contract

at specific times, such as every three months, in compliance with your ideal performance settings.  

Feature 01

Send out automated surveys in Salesforce

We offer a streamlined and flexible solution for sending out and managing surveys and their results. You can automate one-time and/or recurring surveys based on predefined criteria in Salesforce itself.

Feature 02

Individual analysis of survey results

After the responses are submitted, the feedback is stored in Salesforce. It can now be analysed for each survey, customer, account, or custom object.

Feature 03

Determine user-defined criteria

Salesforce Einstein Next Best Action suggests using predefined criteria to create a survey. Depending on the situation, you can then react to feedback accordingly.

Why you should choose user-defined surveys in Salesforce

With our solution for your Salesforce environment, you will be able to carry out surveys in a user-defined and automated manner and use the data obtained efficiently.

Own design

We customise surveys and the survey landing page to match your Corporate Identity.

Intelligent dispatch and optimisations

User-defined dispatch at the right time and the ability to flexibly respond to feedback depending on the situation.

Conduct automated surveys

Automatically run recurring surveys or polls based on predefined criteria.

Proactive learning

Send out surveys, solicit feedback and derive actions from the results.

Send out and manage surveys flexibly

Send out and manage surveys and feedback. Automate one-time and/or recurring surveys and ensure that no feedback is lost.

Efficient use of data

The data obtained is stored in Salesforce itself. This allows you to react to feedback according to the situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Surveys can be sent out for any object (standard or user-defined). The recipients of these invitations are survey participants (user-defined object). Details (such as a participant’s name and email) are automatically taken from the respective contact or lead.

You also have the option to create survey participants independently of contacts or leads. This flexible object structure allows you to solicit responses based on diverse combinations of records (for instance, sending out a survey about a product to shoppers who have purchased the item).

You can choose between different dispatch methods. You can send out one-off surveys, as well as recurring ones where the schedule is defined by you. Especially helpful is the option to decide whether a new survey should be sent out even if there has been no previous response.

Responses are stored in Salesforce and linked to the appropriate survey and survey respondent. A respondent may give different answers to a recurring survey, for instance, than to a one-off survey; by documenting the answers, all feedback can be tracked and evaluated.

Questions can either be taken from templates or created individually. When you define the question type, you can also set the answer type and possible answers (such as “on a scale from 1 to 10...” or “poor, average, good, very good”). 

Yes, you have the opportunity to be notified via Chatter so that potential problem cases can be resolved as quickly as possible. In addition to Chatter, with our solution, there is the option to display recommendations in Salesforce based on the customer's satisfaction level (for instance, to see a recommendation to offer a customer a discount, making them more likely to renew their current contract).

Minimum requirements for user-defined surveys in Salesforce

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