Automated commission calculation in Salesforce 
Standardised and in real time

Automated commission calculations in real time and without detours through various departments: eliminate tedious manual tasks with our app for Salesforce. 

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How does our automated Commission Calculation App work?

Commissions are a very useful and effective tool to motivate employees and reward them for exceptional work and commitment.

We have developed a solution for Salesforce which enables you to automate commission calculations — in real time. It's also possible to adjust the commission rates for individual recipients.

The problem

In many industries, commissions are an essential component of the pay structure. However, even for companies using Salesforce, the standard functions such as opportunity teams and opportunity splits may not be sufficient, as they don't allow users to directly calculate commissions. This means commission calculations often have to be outsourced to the finance department, possibly leading to delays and discrepancies in the rates calculated. 

Commission rates are usually calculated using fixed or variable percentages based on the amount generated by an opportunity. Our app automatically processes these commission calculations in Salesforce in real time.

Our solution

With our app, you can automate the process of rewarding your employees for new leads quickly and ensure that they are paid consistently calculated commissions for their results, with efficiency. Requiring minimal effort to implement, the app is easy to use, transparent and reduces a multitude of manual processes.

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Functions at a glance

The app's key features and functions

Feature 01

Assign a commission rate and recipient to leads and track them throughout the sales process, from closing to project implementation and invoicing.

Feature 02

Define the period for which commissions will be generated for the employee (for example, one year).

Feature 03

By linking invoices, commissions and customer records you can automatically process an employee’s commissions as a creditor invoice without any additional accounting work.

Feature 04

You can check the status of a commission in the system at any time.

Feature 05

Evaluate how much an employee has earned in commission and the number of commissions they have generated to use in reports and personnel evaluation.

Why should you opt for our automated Commission Calculation?

Our app provides you with the most streamlined solution for your Salesforce environment.

Automated commission calculation

Commissions are calculated automatically and in real time in the respective Salesforce opportunity.

Flexible commission management

You can flexibly adjust individual recipients' commission rates without affecting commissions that have already been calculated.

Straightforward commission allocation 

Several commission recipients can be assigned to a single opportunity at the same time.

Seamless reporting for comprehensive transparency

Conduct a variety of analyses in Salesforce using the reports provided.

Customised visibility settings

Commission visibility can be customised using the security settings in Salesforce.

Minimum requirements for installing our Commission Calculation App

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