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New challenges demand new measures and we want to contribute to this. Therefore we have decided to make our app - tourManager24- available for free for for an initial period of 6 months. In this article you can find out how to get free licenses and how tourManager24 helps your business to pull through these challenging times.

An overview - perfect route planning with tourManager24

We have developed the tourManager24 (TM24) in order to support sales employees in the best possible way and to make their activities more efficient and sustainable. With the app you can prepare your structured route planning from the comfort of your sofa. The tourManager24 makes efficient work possible, thanks to a structured plan you can create more appointments in a day and can manage them individually and efficiently. Perfect route planning is also essential for the profitability and sustainable competitiveness of your company.

Advantage overview of tourManager24

  • Easy and fast route planning in Salesforce
  • Visualize your contacts, accounts and Leads on your map directly in Salesforce and display individual detailed information
  • Route planning from anywhere: Plan your routes while traveling, sitting in the office or from home
  • Search for specific data and define your search radius from your current location. Refine your search queries using filter criteria

Curious? In this video you will get a first overview of the functions and features of the TM24.

How do I get free licenses for my company?

As a new customer, you will receive your free tourManager24 licenses, regardless of whether you only need one license or more, for the first six months from downloading the app. After downloading, you can start your route planning straight away.

Short step by step instructions:

1. Go to the  tourManager24 AppExchange page and click “Get it now” to download the app.

2. Follow the steps in our tourManager24 Installation Guide.

If you need help with the installation, please contact our support.

After installation, please contact our staff in the support area, they will activate the free 6-month full version for you.

Note: The promotional period for free tourManager24 licenses runs up to and including May 31, 2020. If you order additional tourManager24 licenses during this period, they will automatically expire at the end of the 6-month term, unless you order the required licenses at the regular price. This offer does not affect the licenses already purchased. More information about tourManager24 and the regular price model can be found here.

You have further questions? You can find more information about the app and the possible applications on the tourManager24 page or simply contact us directly.

Your Cloud Consulting Group Team

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