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Lightning Process Builder

Let's go with the Flow!

Process Builder; generally available since Spring ‘15 as a standard part of the Lightning development package; empowers all Salesforce administrators and declarative developers with a strong point-and-click development capabilities. What was earlier possible solely with a complicated custom Apex-code, can be done these days thanks the Lightning Process Builder in a few minutes and; which is truly amazing for all non-programmers; without one single line of code!

Sounds like the Salesforce Admins’ and Consultants’ dream is becoming reality…

In a set of brief 5-10 minutes long “tutorials” full of screenshots and references to the additional documentation, CCG professionals will share their experience with the Process Builder in this blog place! You should be looking forward to getting exposed to numerous real-life CCG business cases, when a non-out-of-the-box customer requirement got delivered by the Process Builder and truly saved hours of coding time! We handpick just a few of many interesting topics waiting on you every 14 days starting this week:

  • How to list custom object’s records in the standard calendar (powered by Process Builder)
  • How to preserve the lookup relationship to custom object after lead conversion (powered by Process Builder)
  • How to transform the Account Territory Management related list into record detail text field (powered by Process Builder)
  • How to enhance the data quality by the usage of simple but effective new record creation validation (powered by Process Builder)
  • How to visually & dynamically indicate the user’s record permissions on the current record (powered by Process Builder)
  • And many others coming later!

Meanwhile, you can read more about the Process Builder functionalities here: Quick Highlight of Process Builder product

Salesforce itself prepared whole series of webinars on the topic of Lightning. This are definitely must-to-attend events for all Salesforce professionals since the whole Lightning development environment is an important game-changing step in the evolution of the whole Salesforce.com platform. Let’s keep the pace with the industry!

Stress-free implementation of even fairly complex Flows triggered by Process Builder processes keeps the development team at CCG thrilled about all the Salesforce.com functionalities dedicated to the non-coding segment of the community. In the same breath, it must be mentioned that, currently, some strong governor limits imply on the Process Builder processes as we are still dealing with a brand new Salesforce.com product. One of them is the maximum of 100 SOQL queries run within one process thread (more info here and here).

It is highly probable that these limits; set to provide fair performance distribution within the multitenant platform’s architecture; will be increased very soon and made analogous to the bulkified Apex and Workflows actions.

Temporarily, we recommend the usage of Process Builder for events affecting lesser number of records, embracing mass updates and data uploads. Fortunately, some advanced data management tools (e.g. dataloader.io) enable the administrators to limit the size of the BATCH APIs in order avoid exceeding the SOQL limits when running the uploads. Another alternative is the deactivation of particular Process Builder processes during mass edits.

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